Secondary Art   

Contact Info:

Kathy Holmes- Art Teacher

Office Phone: (830)365-4007 ext. 243

Cell Phone: (830) 483-0048


Announcement: Please contact me between the hours of 7:30am-4pm Monday-Friday on my cell listed above. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view "End of the Year" assignments! 

Art 1

Welcome to the La Pryor ISD Art Program! Let's get CREATIVE!

PIC submissions to your email [Preferred]
- Assignments continue until May 1st . If you do not complete them you will continue to work until May 14th. 
 “If you do not turn in completed assignments, you will possibly lose credit and be required to retake the course as credit recovery”


6th "4th" Weeks Assignments

(This grading period is only 4 weeks)

Please submit all assignments to (830)483-0048

S.A.T. Vocabulary

As always, block print and color the word. The illustration should reflect a minimum of 15 minutes work..

Week 1: Exhibitionist- deliberating behaving in a certain way to attract attention. 

Week 2: Ephemeral- short-lived.

Week 3: Disillusionment- disappointed, disenchantment.

Week 4: Dogmatic- tending to force one's own opinions on other people. 

Drawing Assignments

42 Art Techniques to Draw like a Pro (YouTube)

*If you don't have plain white paper, it's okay to use lined notebook paper*

Draw 16 of the 42 techniques. You may draw as many as will fit on one page. When you've filled the page, submit immediately. 


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