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Assignments till May 1st,2020

Principles of Health Science 


If you need your username or forgot your ICEV password please email me. Olivia.frausto@lapryor.net or send a message on Remind 101. You may contact me at 9033275304 if necessary, or may send me a message on Remind 101 @ofraust  


ICEV online: 3/23/20 -3/27/20:

Therapeutic Services: Complete Student notes online

Diagnostic Services: Complete Student notes online


ICEV Online assignment 3/30/20-4/3/20:

Complete Health Informatics Student notes

Complete Support Services Student notes

Complete Job Selection worksheet -Major Grade Project due on 4/10/20: I will make this visible on ICEV.


ICEV Online Assignments  4/6/20-4/10/20

Complete Biotechnology Research and Development student notes online- major grade

Email me a journal short essay: "What are some of the ways you can help prevent the spread of any Virus?" you can email this to me olivia.frausto@lapryor.net

ICEV- Online Assignments April 13,2020- April 17,2020

New Section:  “ Health Science Safety and Regulations”

Complete online Vocabulary

Complete online/ printed Student notes 1 (Safety standards and Protocol)

Assessment I- Major Grade

ICEV- Online Assignments April 20,2020- April 25,20

Complete Student notes Legal and Ethical standards

Assessment II- major grade

Create a drawing of a medical professional (doctor, nurse, etc) wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in color, then label the purpose of each protective gear and explain its purpose and what it prevents. – you may use a regular sheet of paper or whatever is available at home. Have fun be creative. You may email picture to me olivia.frausto@lapryor.net .

ICEV- Online Assignments April 27th- May 1st,2020.

Complete Health Science and Safety Regulations: Regulatory Organizations Student notes

Complete Assessment III

Complete Final Assessment-  Major Grade