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Assignments till May 1st,2020

Medical Terminology Assignments:

If you need your username or forgot your ICEV password please email me. Olivia.frausto@lapryor.net or send a message on Remind 101.

 Week of 03/23/2020- 03/27/2020

Complete: OnlineNotes on iCEV: “Morphemes: The Skeletal System”

Complete: Building Skeletal Terms please write both morpheme and definition

Assessment 1- Major Grade

Week of 03/30/2020 -04/03/2020

Completed Online student notes on “Body System Basics: The Skeletal System”

SN:  1 and 2

Then complete labeling- 4 total 

Labeling Bone Tissue

Labeling Long Bone Structure

Labeling the Appendicular Skeleton

Labeling the Axial Skeleton

Complete Assessment 1 – Major Grade             IF any questions please email me at   olivia.frausto@lapryor.net due Friday.

Week April 6- April 10th :

Complete Student Notes for section: Online:  Body System Basics: skeletal System

Axial Skeleton student notes

Appendicular Skeleton student notes

Assessment II- Major Grade- end of 6 weeks: all highlighted is due Friday!!

Week April 13,2020- April 17,2020:

Complete worksheet Skeletal System Glossary

Assessment III and Assessment IV

Week April 20,2020 – April 25/20

Complete vocabulary online

Labeling Axial Skeleton- Vertebral Column

Labeling Axial Skeleton- Thoracic cage       also Final Assessment Major Grade.

Week of April 27th- May 1st,2020:

  “ Diseases and Conditions: Skeletal system”

Complete Student notes :

                                Assignment 1:Types of Skeletal Diseases student notes

                                 Assignment 2: Diagnosis and treatment student notes

                                Final Assessment: Major grade.