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Assignments till May 1st,2020

Practicum Assignments: April 6 –April 10, 2020:

Go to youtube.com watch video by Denisse Aranda Titled:

“Cleanroom Training Video”

 Grade one:   Write a short summary about it. Email me a pic or  google doc :  olivia.frausto@lapryor.net

 Grade two: When completed answer the questions on worksheet provided. You may want to read questions and answer as you watch video. It is very interesting. Major Grade.


Practicum Assignments for April 13- April 17,2020.

There will be no worksheet for the following videos.

Watch Video: Principles of Asepsis- Part 1

By: MsPharmacyTechnician


Grade one: Please watch Video and write a short summary on what you learned. Pay close attention to detail.

Grade two: Please watch video Part 2


Watch video and again summarize what you learned. You may write and send me picture, google doc, or word document. Email to me: olivia.frausto@lapryor.net

Assignments April 20th-25th,2020.

Complete Chapter 6 workbook page 70-71

 Temperature, Matching and short answer only.

Complete page 88-91 – Major Grade. 1-60:  use page 92 for reference.

Assignments for April 27th – May 1st,2020.

  1. Write out the questions on Practice exam #1 along with the answers.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhpV3Iy2FbM

Posted by Simple Happy Learning: “Pharmacy Technician Exam (PTCB). Practice Test Prep Exam: QUIZ”

  1. Write out questions on Practice Exam #2 along with answers.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNc85_RCDMg  Posted by Simple Happy Learning: “ PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Exam) Practice QUIZ – 2” Rewrite all questions and answers email me a picture.

  1. Write and send picture of the following practice exam questions: Major Grade.




Posted by: Simple Happy Learning.

















Practicum Video Worksheet:

  1. What is title of the video?




  1. What is the room called?




  1. How many ISO classes are there?




  1. What guidelines are followed?




  1. Write/ List the steps discussed prior to cleanroom entrance.







  1. According to video, what are steps listed in gowning prior to ISO Class 7/8 entry?





  1. Will the gowning procedures be the same for all the ISO classes? Explain.





  1. What is the difference as discussed in video of clean room gowning for ISO class 5/6 and ISO class 7/8?





  1. Is it ok for the Suit/ gown to touch floor?


  1. What goes over shoe covers in ISO 5/6?




  1. Can you move around freely and fast once inside cleanroom? Explain.






  1. What must you check regularly?





  1. What do you do if you have to sneeze/ or cough?





  1. List at least 5 prohibited actions discussed once inside cleanroom.







  1. List doffing process for the ISO Class 7/8 cleanroom.






  1. What is the purpose of the blue stick mat at entrance?





  1. What is an air shower?