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Registration Information

La Pryor ISD Registration 2021-2022


We are excited to be able to offer online registration to our community! To help as best we can, please review this page to get started as well as troubleshoot any issues you may face. Please review the resources available and take advantage of our in-person registration station hosted in our cafeteria.


You can register online on our Parent Portal page


parent portal

Parent Portal is used to check the course grades of your student, as well as manage their data and registration.

There are 2 main categories your student may fall in: New Student and Returning Student. Each will vary how your student will register


New Students

New Students are students who were not enrolled in the previous year at La Pryor ISD (attended elsewhere) including students who have not attended school before (Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergaten). 

For New Students, once on the parent portal, select the tab to create a new user. Use the form to create your parent account.

Follow the instructions to register your student by inputting their information, there are a few forms that cannot be completed electronically for new students, once you reach the downloadable forms, please print and fill them and take them to the campus of your student for filing with your student's registration.


Returning Students

If you already have an account with your student already associated with your account you may log in like you normally would to register your student as a returning student. Once logged in you have the option to associate other students you may have, as well as register your new students to the district.

Should you forget your password you can click the Forgot Password option on the login tab.


If you do not have an account for Parent Portal, but you have a student who attended the 2020-2021 school year to completion, you will be able to create an account, with a Parent Portal ID. The Parent Portal ID was mailed to 2020-2021 students, this unique ID is required to associate your student to your Parent Portal account. If you need the Parent Portal ID, it can be retrieved from our in-person registration event, as well as over the phone and speaking to a registrar.


All forms for returning students are available in electronic format, and should not require physically visiting the district.



Your email address must be verified before you are able to register online

If you see your student(s) but do not see the option to register, ensure your email is verified. You can do this by selecting the account icon in the top right of the page, and select 'My Account', under contact information ensure the correct email address is there, if needed, please verify it. If your email is correct and does not give you the option to verify, please contact the school and ask for your email address on file to be corrected.

Currently, any students who withdrew before the year end are not eligible for online registration (ie, a student who withdrew a week or two before completing the year). They must pick up a paper packet to register their children at the school they will attend. 



For Help using the Parent Portal Click Here

Please feel welcome to come by our Registration Event in the Cafeteria to speak with a registrar for any help you may need